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AI Enabled
Digital Dentistry 

Eliminate Messy Impressions
and Uncertain Timelines


Digital Solutions For Dentists

We at Asvin Tech are commited to automating the workflow for dentists.
We develop affordable digital dentistry solutions for dentists as per their need and economics.

We solve problems related to oral impressions, dental product fabrication and workflow management with our solution DENTRA.

What is DENTRA?

DENTRA is an AI-Powered, Scalable, and Affordable IntraOral 3D Scanning Platform designed to make a dentist's work clutter-free, smooth, and organized along with improving the overall quality of the treatment.

With DENTRA, once the dentist scans a patient, the 3D scans of the patients’ mouth get uploaded to our servers. We then send the scans to our partner dental labs and provide real-time updates to the dentist. And then we collect the output, perform QC and deliver it to the dentist along with reduced cost, improved efficiency, and enhanced accuracy


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Dr. Chetan  Arora

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Dr. Puneet Tandon

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Shreekhand Balakrishnan

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